3 Tips for Writing Catchy Headlines

Content marketing efforts are continuously increasing for modern brands, as is the significance of writing catchy headlines for online copy. Whether those clickable headlines are for an email blast, a blog post, a press release, or a leadership article, the title of your piece must grab the attention of the reader and persuade them to continue reading.

This is much easier said than done, of course! Consumers are blasted daily with marketing content and advertisements, so you need to improve your approach to cut through the clutter. Here are three tips for writing headlines your readers can’t resist:

1. Use Uncomplicated but Strong Language

When writing a headline, the first thing you must learn is about making it attractive. The language you choose to include in your headline is what dictates the contents click-worthiness. Using bland, unknown, uninspiring, hard to pronounce words quickly turns the reader off. Consider the blog topics you read. Chances are, you choose ones with easy to read titles, that are short and concise.

On your next writing project, consider staying with language that is uncomplicated, yet powerful.

2. Use Keywords that Have High Search Value

If people are not interested in the topic then there is not much use in creating a video or running an ad. Make sure each headline you write targets a specific keyword if you are writing content with an online search in mind. As the old saying goes, “Work smarter not harder.” Be sure to research which keywords are popular to ensure your catchy headline is optimized to drive traffic.

To find relevant keywords there is numerous tool available. When you search for something on Google, they can be found on the bottom of the page. There are also software and websites such as SEMrush, who find the best keywords for the topic. Simply type in possible keywords and chose the words with the highest volume.

3. Include a Number in Your Catchy Headline

This tip should not go unnoted even though it may seem somewhat horribly obvious. If you are unsure of how to write a headline that is catchy enough to immediately grab the reader’s attention, one of the easiest choices is including numbers.

People are naturally attracted to numbers and lists since writing this way is simpler to digest. For those readers who are looking for a way to accomplish something that they are unsure of how to do, following numbered steps in order are perfect. As a human, we hate uncertainty and enjoy predictability. Research has shown that numbers included in headlines consistently outperform those that do not. It is also important to note that odd numbers perform better than even.

The right content is going to really sell the product, service, or brand. First, you have to hook them in!