Google’s New Patent Will Literally Make You ‘Stick Around’

This new patent that Google received on Tuesday is going to have pedestrians literally sticking to their vehicle hoods. Much like a bug would splat on a windshield, these pedestrians would have to lay there, on their hoods. This patent is coming now at a time when we want to see a decline in a number of pedestrians that are hit by oncoming traffic. With a 10% increase every year, the need for having something to prevent this from happening is becoming much larger.

The Purpose

While many think the purpose of this is to prevent hit and runs from happening, however, it is actually designed for something else. It is designed to prevent further injuries to the pedestrian that was struck by the vehicle. Instead of the vehicle flinging them back to the ground, it would just have them stick to it.

The sticky part of the vehicle has to be made from something like fly paper, or double-sided duct tape in order to hold the pedestrian to the vehicle when they’re stuck. Generally, the most injury comes from propelling from the hood of the car after being struck, through the use of this new patent, it would sustain from providing any future injuries to the person further than the initial injuries.

One of Many

In a long existing line of patents that are awaiting feedback and approval, this is just one of them that has made it through the system to be approved. There are actually numerous patents waiting to be approved that provide somewhat of the same effect and purpose of this one. However, many vehicle owners find this to be a bit much. Whether or not they’ll use the patent and the design on their new vehicles is up for debate. Google wants to keep all of their options open around them, and this is just one of the numerous that will continue to go to the court for ruling and acceptance or denial.

This new design is currently being considered for all of Google’s new automated vehicles. However, just because this has been approved through a court system, it does not mean that it is going to be used in their designs. Many patents for vehicle safety have been brought up and approved, and only a small portion of them have actually been used in the making of the vehicles. Large companies, such as Google have had numerous patents granted that they’ve never used.

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