HostGator Review: Eating the Competition One Byte at a Time

HostGator is not one of the hosting companies that are going to hold you back size-wise. They are going to use their automated services to help you grow, to grow with you. With top of the line VPS, web hosting services and even dedicated servers, those that choose HostGator are choosing to have the best hosting services that money can buy.

Have successful, enjoyable upgrades through the staff that does this process manually. You will not lose out on time or money by having to go through the backup cycle that you’d normally have to go through. The staff handles this for you every step of the way.

HostGator Specs:
Awesome Customer Service
Various Tiers You Can Sign Up With, Including Add-Ons
VPS and Dedicated Plans Available
Cloud Hosting, Reseller, Shared Servers
Multiple Platforms for Hosting: WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, Magento, MySQL, etc.
Affordable Price
Unlimited Pages and Domains for Most Tiers
Unmetered Storage and Bandwidth
Google Adwords and Bing Credits
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Free Website Transfers
cPanel Control Panel

Customer Service is No Joke

With smiling faces and friendly voices, the customer service staff is there to help you through all of your trials and tribulations that you call them about. You don’t sit on hold for hours, a couple minutes max and the staff is extremely friendly every step of the way. The representatives all seemed to be native English speakers and extremely knowledgeable on the matters that came up in the discussions. There were no complains on this front.

Database Support is Exceptional

Having a drawn out, overly complicated process of uploading a database is something that you’re not going to want to deal with. This is why HostGator makes it extremely easy for those out there to upload the database of their choice, whether it be WordPress, MySQL, Perl, Python or any others.

All of the web hosting accounts, no matter which you sign up with, come connected with the latest version of cPanel, providing more support when trying to upload these databases to build on. Not only that, but sometimes the customer service staff is able to help you upload your choice of database for no additional charge and even more WordPress hosting services when you sign up for the plans.

A private SSL certificate is provided with the business package, but those using the other packages can enjoy a shared SSL certificate on their websites hosted by the company, though private options can be purchased separately.

The VPS Packs a Punch

While those other hosting companies might tempt you with lower prices, it might come as a shock to know that even HostGator’s prices are still relatively low and affordable because of all that you get with the packages.

HostGator’s VPS solutions are the one service that needs to be bragged about due to the price and flexibility that comes from using the service. There are 2 semi-managed and 7 fully-managed options a user is able to choose from, with additional purchases that can be added on, providing the user with full C-Panel access. Newcomers even have the option of transferring their domains.

HostGator is one of the more appealing options on the market. As such, it provides the user with a way to feel comfortable and welcomed to using the system. Even if you have the slightest problem, calling and getting someone easy to speak with that can actually resolve a problem makes it worth it.

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