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Our company is not affiliated with any government sources, so please do not reply to our automated system.

HELLO %%First Name%% %%Last Name%%,

We are writing to let you know that your System Award Management is about to expire. According to the records that we have on file for your SAM, it is set to expire on %%EXPDATE%%.

Please follow the link below to complete your registration. In order to keep your System Award Management account open and active, you have to continue the registration process. This should be done prior to the expiration date to reduce the risk of setbacks.

Please CLICK HERE to RENEW your registration. Have your %%CAGECODE%% ready.

In order to receive any government-funded assistance, this registration must be filled out completely and accepted. Please fill out the required information BEFORE the account expires. Failure to do so will cause a disruption in the government services that you receive.

Fill out the application to the best of your knowledge and completely TODAY.



Subject: Let us be thankful…


When you’re looking for a Black Friday deal that is going to blow you away, you have come to the right place.

Of course, you know that with our website, you’re not only getting great deals but you’re doing great with these deals.

We donate a percentage of every purchase to a pet charity every month, so you know a portion of your proceeds is doing great within the pet community.

Why not give back while getting deals?

If you have the time, we have the deals.

Shop with us today, enjoy what you give tomorrow!



Subject: Do you have an interest in making things?

With my new book, I am able to show you a lot more than what I can through the internet. I am not charging a lot for it, either. Plus, since you’re getting these emails, you even get a discount deeper than others that are buying the book – what more could you ask for?

My book is chock full of ideas, products, page turners and creations that could all be yours. Learn how to make gold leaf stand out on a dresser or consider chalk paint for that worn-out look. I recommend products and show you how to do it.

Read my book to find out more about me, about why transforming furniture is not only good as a hobby but good for the soul. With this book, so many have found a purpose when refinishing those old pieces of furniture. They found their life again.

If this is something that interests you, I encourage you to find my book, order my book and read through all of the pages of my book. Not only has it helped others, but it can help you too! Plus, it is extremely fun to see just how creative you can get with the right resources.

Purchase your copy today!



Subject: 50% Off Ends Cyber Monday – Grab Deals Now!


Hey, [name]!


We are celebrating Cyber Monday the right way, by giving you 50% off all our [PRODUCTS]!


Just enter the code “CYBERMONDAY” at checkout.





Subject: I’d Love for You to See the Entire Book!

I am so glad you stopped by!

When it comes to all of those fancy projects you do, you might want to expand your wings a bit more and learn new ways to really make those pieces stand out. This is where I come in.

Those that have followed me from the beginning know that I love what I do and I am awesome at it. I took their advice and made a book that tells of my journeys to becoming better at what I do, I even give away some secret information regarding specific procedures that I have come up with!

Being as we are all friends here, it is important that I let you know that if you purchase this book, it is not something that is going to disappoint. The thousands of others that own it, love it. They’re already asking for a second book.

Projects in the home are fun, as they should be, and you don’t want to worry about not being able to cover all of your bases.

I know I took a while to learn, but you don’t have too because I am sharing my information with you!

Isn’t this something you want to check out for yourself?

I made it as simple as possible. Just fill out this form and you will be on your way to purchasing a book (affordably, of course) that is going to help you with all of those home projects and more!

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