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NetBet is a massive online casino that supports most common forms of gambling. Whether you are into sports betting, standard casino games or poker you can enjoy each of these things at NetBet. The site makes use of the modern software. It’s clean and easy to use and offers a good playing experience. It’s a well-known online casino and one of the leading sports betting destinations. Whether you’re looking for a reliable place for poker, you want to enjoy a few quality slots, or you’re trying to place a bet for the upcoming match you can get the support you need from NetBet.

Poker Games

NetBet runs on the iPoker software, and it’s one of the largest and most successful sites thatruns on that software. The site has a wide range of poker-inspired games. There are live hold-em games, video poker, and a range of other poker variations. Play video poker on your own, or join a table with other live players and enjoy more competitive play. There are freerolls with thousands of Euros in prizes every month, and there are tournaments on a daily basis that you can enter for a chance to win. Play poker for real money and try to earn a profit, or play for free money and hone your skills as you learn the game.

Cash Game Traffic

NetBet is well-known for having a high level of cash game traffic. Any time of day there are thousands of players at the various tables around the online casino. Getting into the game at your desired limit level is simple and easy to do. Simply look around to see which tables are available and buy into the one that you are most interested in.

Live Event Qualifiers

If you’ve always dreamed of playing in one of the live Poker Events players from the Netherlands can win their way into live events by doing well in NetBet tournaments. Tournaments like the Battle of Malta can be entered through a simple NetBet victory. Go up against other players around the world for a chance to enter into one of the top events of the year. There are several qualifying tournaments throughout the year that provide entrance into live events and cash prizes as well.

Poker Referrals

If you have friends who enjoy playing poker as much as you do, you can earn additional money to go toward your future games by inviting them to play. Each new player that you refer who joins with the casino will earn you another €50 that goes straight into your account balance. This can really add up fast if you play with a lot of friends.

VIP Poker Treatment

NetBet has a strong VIP programme designed to reward loyal poker players at the top of the site. There are VIP freerolls, tournaments and other special bonuses designed to give the top VIPs more to look forward to.

Bullet list of Games Allowed at Site

Here’s a sample of the games available at NetBet. There are other options as well, but these are the most popular of the bunch. Take a look to learn what the site has to offer and you might be surprised by the sheer volume or variety in the games offered.

    • Single-Table Tournaments
    • Multi-Table Tournaments
    • Freerolls
    • Video Poker
    • Cash Games
    • Heads-up shootouts

Poker Academy

If you’re new to the game of poker NetBet is an ideal place to get started. The site offers a comprehensive list of poker rules to get you started. IT also has a simple Poker Glossary for looking up information quickly, and finally there is a list of tournament basics that will help you understand how tournaments work at the site. Reading through this information will help a player get started off right and enable them to get going with easy practice games on the site. The best way to learn is through play experience, but you have to master the basics before you can start with that.

Play on Any Device

When you play at NetBet you can enjoy the popular betting games on your phone, your tablet or your computer. The software is designed for flexibility and it runs smoothly on most devices. That means you can take your favourite games with you while on the go, and show them off to your friends and family members. Enjoy a good poker game or your favourite slot machine while sitting in a coffee shop. Place a bet on your team while watching the big game in the local sports pub.

NetBet is all about flexibility and you’ll enjoy great support all over the Netherlands no matter what device you decide you want to use. It’s simple to use and reliable as well.

Leading Poker or Casino Software

NetBet is one of the biggest poker destinations on the iPoker network and has reliable software that can be used all around the world. The software is known to be reliable and easy to pick up. NetBet is known for having new players and is a good place to go when first starting out to hone your skills.

The site relies on one of the latest software solutions for sports betting out on the web today. It’s been verified by several different rating agencies such as Gambleaware, Responsible Gaming and ADICTEL as a high quality and secure organization. Not only is it safe to place bets using the sports betting software, but it’s easy to do and enjoyable. Bets can be made quickly, and all the odds are put right in front of you before you make your decision.

The casino software supports life dealers, live chatting and it’s designed to perform on a variety of mobile devices and standard computers. It’s safe to use and optimized for smooth performance even on less powerful devices.

Customer Service

When you’re adding real money to an online casino good customer service is essential. NetBet has a Very Good Customer Service Quality Audit rating. The company is responsive and quick to answer any questions and help customers understand what’s going on and what they have to do. If you have any questions about your money or one of the games the customer service team will help you get the answers you need.

There is also a detailed FAQ section for each of the different sections of the NetBet website. This series of questions and answers provides more information and clarifies what you can expect from the site. If you have a question and don’t want to wait to hear back from support you can find most answers in the FAQ section. There is a 24/7 hotline and email support if you’re interested in getting help straight from a casino employee. Most answers take a little while to get back to you though, so you should be prepared for a short wait.

Mobile Device Support

NetBet supports a range of mobile devices giving you access to some of your favourite games no matter where you want to play. Both Android and iOS devices are supported and mobile players have a chance to win special mobile-only rewards and prizes. Enjoy gambling on the go and use NetBet’s top-rated software for a smooth experience.

Not every one of the NetBet games is supported on mobile devices, but a wide selection is. If you would like to see what games are available with your mobile device, simply visit the website with your device and take a look around. You’ll be surprised by everything that you can do at the online casino and it could become one of your top gambling options while looking for a good casino available to Netherland players.

Welcome Bonus

NetBet provides each new player with a range of bonus incentives. The bonus available depends on the type of gambling that each new player from the Netherlands wants to do. Poker players are eligible for up to €1,500 in additional gambling money. Securing your bonus is as simple as setting up a new account and funding it with enough starting money. Once you get started and are playing you’ll receive the bonus money over time and can apply it to any future games you play.

Currency Options

NetBet supports a range of currencies making it possible for players around the world to enjoy the sites many games. The online casino accepts the Euro, the Swiss Franc, the US Dollar, the Great British Pound and the Canadian dollar. Whether you want to play using the Euro, or you would rather gamble in US dollars you can do so while playing at NetBet. The casino is highly accessible and will pay out different currencies depending on where you live. Players in the Netherlands will receive payouts in Euros.

Payment Options

When playing on NetBet from the Netherlands the company accepts a range of payment methods. It takes Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Clickandbuy, Euteller, Astropay, WebMoney, Trustly, QIWI and UKash as payment methods when first signing up. If you have access to any of these payment methods you can enjoy playing with real money on NetBet. Each of the methods can be used to make a deposit and they can be used to withdraw earnings as well.

Sports Betting

NetBet is a sports betting website and so it specializes in sports betting more than anything else. This is one of the best locations to go when you want to bet on a sporting event. The site covers most events closely and provides a way to bet on the outcomes. It doesn’t matter if you like races, tennis, football, basketball or just about any other popularly played sport. The site covers each and every one of them.

Casino Offerings

NetBet has a massive selection of slot machine games and they each come with their own exciting theme. If you’re the type of player that enjoys playing a few relaxing rounds of slots after a hard day you’ll enjoy all the variety that you get from NetBet. There are games themed after cartoon characters, there are more general themes, and there are all-new designs that you won’t find elsewhere.

Hits and Misses

The Good

  • Live chat is available between players enjoying the group games such as Poker.
  • The site makes use of modern software that’s secure and reliable.
  • Reliable payouts each and every time.
  • Gambling is possible without registration.

The Bad

  • Poker games available at NetBet are quite limited compared to sites dedicated solely to poker.
  • Payouts take a bit longer than at some other casinos. Some players admit to waiting over a week to get a payout.
  • Paypal is not available as a payment method.
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