Should You Use Kids Clubs & Babysitting at the Resort?

Kid’s clubs are specialized clubs for children usually under the age of 12 that can visit and go there while their parents have some down time. These clubs generally have older teenagers or adults within them that watch the children while the parents are away. They are thought of as a babysitting type of service, without having to pay for it, while also being fun for the children that are a part of the club.


Each club has its own set of activities to make use of, while also being age appropriate. The smaller children are oftentimes placed into different clubs than the older ones. This provides them with more age-appropriate activities. Using them is up to personal choice, but here is some information to help you make a more informed decision.


It Can Be Reliable and Pre-Certified Child Care

Before you decide to leave your children anywhere, with anyone, it is important that you find out more regarding the background of those that are working inside the club. Use only those that have certified and did background checks on their workers. Reputable, recommended children clubs are the only clubs you should trust. Of course, each resort can provide further information regarding their clubs and those that run them so that parents can be put at ease knowing who is in control of the room and the children within it. Asking ahead of time is recommended, it can help you choose which resort provides the most activities for everyone.


Child-Centric Experiences

There are many clubs that have fun, exciting adventures and activities for the children to enjoy. Many of the larger resorts have unique experiences that children can go along for the fun with when they sign up for the club. Some examples include the Sea Squirts Program with Atlantis where children get up close and personal with sea creature or the Splash Kids Club in Punta Cana which allows children to go out into private water spaces and splash pads and explore the great watery outdoors.


Everyone Enjoys Their Vacation Time

When using the kid’s clubs to your advantage, not only can you have a more fun experience as an adult, but family time also becomes more valuable to everyone. You are not constantly around one another throughout the entire vacation and everyone gets to explore different areas of the resort. Leaving your kids with a reputable caretaker provides parents with peace of mind while also opening up more doors to better activities that are happening.


It is always good to give everyone memories and experiences that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Kid’s clubs provide not only the professional childcare that you need to travel with kids and give them their own activities to enjoy, while also having the ability to take a breather yourself. Everyone benefits from kid’s clubs and when kids visit them, they want to go back to them because they had so much fun!



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