Top 10 Excursions to Do with Kids

When you visit anywhere in the world while on a cruise ship, there is always a time when the ship docks and you’re able to get off and explore. Oftentimes you can book activities and other things to do while off the ship during this time. These are what is known as excursions. Excursions provide more excitement and fun to a trip then just riding on the ship alone.


They are small side trips that provide the visitor with excitement off of the ship. They may want to try them out for the first time, or just love doing them time and time again and want to go another time. Whatever the reason, so many love excursions and they continue to be a favorite thing for so many to add-on to their cruise experience.


Not only do adults love excursions, but when you bring the kids along for a cruise then they’re sure to love these top ten excursions that are recommended you check out when you do have the kids. They will come back tired, but happy with the excitement that they had for the day!


  1. Catamaran Ride

These are private boat tours that will bring you wherever you want to go on the sea. Not only can you fish on them, but you can experience what it is like on a yacht or even a smaller speed boat. You can eat meals right on the boat, spend all day there, even swim in the water. There are no right or wrong answers to using this little side trip as an excursion after being on the big ship for some time.


Not many people have the ability or the chance to go on a yacht, but when you’re in the Bahamas, anything is possible. You can grab a ride on the yacht whenever it strikes your fancy. Bring the whole family and enjoy the day out on the sea.


Mast Catamaran Charter

Yachts in Paradise



  1. Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay is a beautiful island with crystal clear waters. Not only can you visit the island, but there are even extra excursions that you can make use of while you’re at the island. You can horseback ride on the water’s edge, you can snorkel in the reef, you can enjoy the beach itself, bike or hike on the island, pet stingrays and so much more. This is a day trip that brings you somewhere new but provides plenty for everyone to enjoy.


This is one of the cays that has plenty to do for everyone that you might have a hard time deciding who is going to do what. It is an excursion with many extra excursions attached to it.


Carnival Cruises Offer These Extras


  1. Marine Habitat

Go to many places within this habitat to learn so much more about the marine life that welcomes you from the ocean. With plenty of side attractions and places to learn, this is great fun for the whole family. The Marine Habitat is located on Atlantis Paradise Island, but it will take a day or more to get through all of the exhibits and extras they have within this.


There are plenty of activities in Atlantis, but if you do not want to do the water park aspect of it, then this can be purchased separately from the rest, which makes it an ideal choice. You can bring the children to learn more about ocean life.


Marine Habitat at Atlantis


  1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a fun adventure that not many people get the opportunity to sign up to do. Not only can you see what is hiding under the great sea, but you can touch and explore so many areas. There are classes that are offered on almost all of the cruise lines when you choose to visit one of the many islands, cays and beaches that they offer. You can then put snorkeling as an option.


Snorkeling can be taught by experts in the field, or you can do so on your own by renting the gear if you have already done this excursion in the past. It is recommended that you go with someone for safety, however. Older kids are strongly encouraged to try this fun activity.


Snorkeling in Stuart Cove

Snorkeling in the Bahamas


  1. Dolphin Kisses

One of the most loved and favorited excursions for so many, the Dolphin Encounters portion of the trip is usually the favorite one. You can swim with the dolphins, do a meet and greet, give them a kiss and so much more. They’re there for you to enjoy. If you love dolphins or if someone in your family does, then this is where you want to make sure that you are.


Dolphin Encounters also has other activities and extras for the entire family to enjoy while they are there for the day, not just the dolphins. Everyone is able to enjoy themselves.


Dolphin Encounters


  1. Day at Atlantis

Atlantis is where families go to vacation, so naturally you might want to check it out if you’re going to be right next to the park. Not only do they have so much to do, but they have a complete water park set up for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age. This is one of the best ways to spend your day, plus they also offer very affordable day passes that you can purchase to visit the island and have fun while there.


Atlantis Day Passes


  1. Nature Village

If sightseeing is something that so many love to do then you can explore these uncharted territories that welcome one and all to them. You can find that they each have their own set of hidden treasures within them, which makes this excursion quite unique. Bring the whole family, pack a lunch and enjoy the wide-open spaces, crystal clear waters and blue, sunny skies. The day is ahead of you and you have many islands and parks to explore.


Discover the Parks of the Bahamas


  1. Aquaventure

Part of the Atlantis Waterpark, this is a smaller part of the park that is dedicated just to the water rides and slides, not the extras that you could use when you visit the entire park. If you want to visit and ride the slides, then this is the portion you would sign up for. Day passes are available through the cruise line and you can come out and enjoy the hot weather, sun and fun that they have put together. Plus, this is an experience that the kids will remember for a lifetime.


Aquaventure at Atlantis


  1. Jet Skiing

Who doesn’t love to jet ski? Whether this is something that you do right from home, or something that you have never done before, but want to try it out then this is where you can rent the jet skis and head out for the next adventure, right in the open ocean. There are classes that will teach you how to use the skis, while those that are already know are welcome to go out on their own and enjoy them. They’re affordable and they provide you with a way to enjoy all that comes with being in the ocean and actually being able to enjoy being a part of it.


Jet skiing might not be for everyone, but those with children can ride with the children or if they are of a certain age, then they can actually drive the jet skis on their own. This makes the vacation even more exciting for everyone involved.


K&C Watersports


  1. City & Garden Tour

Going on a tour of a new place is always exciting and that is no exception when you’re in the Bahamas. The weather is beautiful and they invite you to walk away, take in the scenes, sights, smells. They want you to walk through the shops and find something to bring back home to everyone you know. They also want you to enjoy the lush, green gardens that they have set up.


For those that want to have a tour of the city and the gardens around them, then this can be provided through an official tour guide for the Bahamas. Each cruise line works with a different tour company, but you can find out more about the area and other things to do when you sign up with them.


It is important to remember that these excursions do cost a bit extra to do, but they are well worth the price you pay. Oftentimes, when you book them ahead of time before you are set to go on the cruise, you can get them for a discounted price before the day of departure. When you are on the cruise, you can also book these before you dock right at the front information desk. They have many to choose from and they welcome everyone to try something new while they’re in a new place. The Bahamas has plenty to offer the cruiser when it comes to excursions and fun for the whole family.

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