The Secret to Avoiding Burnout in Your Business

Burnout happens. 

It happens to the best of us. It happens to the worst of us.

Burnout is something that you have to prepare for, be aware of, and know that no matter how much you’re aware; you will burn out if you’re not doing something about it. 

As a business owner, you’re faced with many more challenges than just an employee would be faced with. Whether you work on the site or from home; burnout can happen at any time. We’ve gathered the top tips to help you reduce stress, reduce burnout symptoms, and keep you productive and motivated as a business owner. 

Keep to a Schedule 

Be mindful of working hours. If you’re working excessive hours; this is not productive nor is it helpful. You’re working an excessive amount of hours to keep your business running, but even if you’re not doing this – it will still run! 

Keeping to a specific work schedule can help to reduce the chances of burnout. Consider which hours you’re the most productive and create a schedule around those hours. 

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Take time for YOU

This should be number one and should go without saying. However, it is easier said than done for most. When it comes to carving out a piece of time during the day, take this time for yourself. Sit down and reflect on yourself, what you want, how you feel; really enjoy who you are and where you are in life. 

This bit of time for yourself during the day can make all the difference. Whether it is a short walk, nap, reading a book, working on a hobby or side project, or anything else you love; there is always time to take for you to slow down and enjoy.

This is different from being isolated away from everyone, too. You should always have ‘YOU’ time but make sure to spend time with others, as well.

Prioritize to Reduce the Chances of Burnout

If there is a lot to be done. No. There is always a lot to be done. This means you need to prioritize. You have to take those pressing tasks and put them at the top of your to-do list. 

Don’t have a to-do list? 

It’s about time that you make one. You don’t have to put everything that you need to do down on it. Starting with three top things is all that needs to be done. With these three things, you’re getting them done before moving on with another thing.

These three tasks will not overwhelm you. There are only three. Once these three are done, give yourself another three. The 3-task rule, which I found myself, has kept me on track each and every day. 


Along with prioritizing, you will want to keep yourself, your work, and your space organized. This way, when you’re choosing your three, you can choose from the organized list of other tasks you have to do. This list, though, is one that is put out of sight. 

Because… out of sight is out of mind. 

Organize your workspace so that it is comfortable for you. You don’t want a lot of clutter or things that will easily distract you from the work you are supposed to be doing. By cleaning the space, you can keep distractions to a minimum. The more distracted you are, the more you could potentially burn yourself out.

Keeping yourself organized is not always easy for everyone. There are many tips and tricks you can use to do this, though. A little bit can go a long way. 

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Delegate or Just Say NO

For those of us who are people-pleasers, this is something that can be tough to do. However, to avoid being burnt out, try asking someone else for some help or just saying no, you don’t have the time. This can help to reduce the amount of stress you’d feel if you were not to delegate or say no. 

Know Your Stressors 

You want to reduce the chances of becoming overwhelmed. Knowing your stressors and when you’re making mistakes can help. Be alert and realize that when the mistakes continue to happen – you’re just plain burnt out.

You want to step back and take the time to fix the issues before they become larger. The quicker you do this, the better your chances of stopping the burnout before it happens.

Consider what stresses you out when you’re working or trying to focus on something. Is it something you can avoid? Is there any way to make it better overall?

Use Your Burnout Support Group

Lean on those closest to you for support. When you need to relax, vent, unwind, or just plain give up – do it with someone you can trust. Turn to them for help. This group is here for you to gather resources from. These resources can help to fill your cup. You can’t pour from an empty cup – so this helps.

Be PROUD of your Successes

This should go without saying, but if you’re like me then having this confidence feels like arrogance. You might feel odd being proud and talking about your successes, but it is something that you should do. You should feel good about yourself and getting this far.

Stand tall and let others know what you’ve accomplished. Feel good because you did something that you should be proud of. You’ve come this far – now it’s time to go even further.

Even though these rules are laid out here, it doesn’t mean that you will never burn out if you follow them to a T. It just means you have less of a chance of burning out because of this.

Enjoy what you do. Love what you do. Just make sure to take care of yourself, too.

Hire Outside Help

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