Corporate Event Planner: What is it?

Organizations of all forms plan events, meetings, and other activities for clients and employees. Since each function needs extensive planning, employers frequently utilize the services of corporate event planners to organize every detail of these functions from beginning to end. Numerous event planners also go to each event to direct activities from beginning to end to ensure the function’s success.

Qualifications of Corporate Event Planner

Normally, employers want a bachelor’s degree in subjects related to marketing, hospitality management, or public relations. Many corporate event planners begin their careers in hotels. They are often hosts for their events. The event planners’ career progress into corporate event planning. In addition to related experience and a bachelor’s degree, employment opportunities can increase by having certifications. The Convention Industry Council offers credentials like Certified Meeting Professional. Numerous corporate event planners also have membership in the Meeting Professionals International.

Preparation of the Event

Prior to an event, the clients sponsoring the function and the corporate event planners work together to understand the client’s financial budget and needs for the event. The planner suggests timelines, dates, and plans the extent of the event. Corporate planners pick several locations, coordinate travel arrangements, receive bids from vendors, overnight accommodations, and more. Upon the client’s approval, the corporate event planner begins to plan all the accommodations and activities for the event.

The Event

Corporate event planners attend the events they organize. Prior to the start of the event, the planner makes sure space is properly prepared, scheduled vendors arrive, and equipment is tested. The corporate event planner works with the on-site staff to manage how the actual event will run and more details. They also greet attendees, ensure that clients are satisfied with the event, and monitor the scheduled activities. The event planner obtains bills from vendors for space, equipment, food, and other services and then approve payment.

It is important to reach out to someone who can provide these services, so your business doesn’t have to. If you don’t have a committed event planner, choosing a freelance one is ideal. You can use them as you see fit, or whenever necessary and ensure that your work’s events run as smoothly as they possibly can.

I can provide these specific services, as I am experienced in this particular corporate area. Please reach out with questions or comments regarding the work you’d like to have done, so you can get events set up and ready to go.