Freelance Writing Courses You Can Take RIGHT NOW

Thinking about becoming a freelance writer? I bet you are thinking that is sounds creative, free, and on the glamorous side of things.  But, once you jump in head first you figure out that being creative is only a very small part of it. Freelance writing courses can help you get to where you want to be as a writer.

When you finally figure that out the whole freelance thing can be overwhelming.  Luckily there are a lot of fantastic writers who have all been in the same spot that you are right now, they have made mistakes, taken notes and are ready to help you along your journey.

Here are some courses that will put you on the right track:

Making Money Freelance Writing

Jorden Roper – Cost Free

Here is a woman that has all of the smarts, and she is willing to share them.  Not only will she share her wealth of information but she does it for FREE!!!

Building a Successful Online Writing Business

Bamidele Oniblausi – Cost Free

Here is a freelance writer that comes from Nigeria, you will find this course to be easy and quick.  It is straight to the point and outlines the steps to become a very will paid writer.

Intentional Blogging

Jeff Goins – Cost Fre

If you have an overwhelming passion to change the world and have the creativity to do so, you are in the right place.  Jeff writes straight from the heart, and is very passionate about changing the world and creativity.  If you want to learn more about writing with a great combination of intelligence and feeling, you will not go wrong with this course.

Writing about What You Know

Open University – Cost Free

Here you will find a very short course that focuses on using what you know within creative writing.

You may find that this sounds just a little on the boring side, but a huge part in discovering your very own voice as a writer depends on the knowledge that you already hold.  Standing out above all the rest depends on utilizing your own voice.

This 8-hour course is well worth attending on one of your down days.

Writing and Blogging Course

Mark Manson – Cost $3.00 a month

What can we say about Mark, he is a man that says things exactly how he means, and he doesn’t give a **** what you think.

As writers we understand that one of the most significant aspects of writing is to be genuine.  This is exactly the reason why this course has hit the list.  Just a side note – if you happen to be sensitive, you just may want to prepare yourself for what is to come.

The Complete Freelance Writing Online Course – Beginner to Pro

Udemy – Cost $10.00

This course has something from the beginner all the way to the pro.

It will cover everything right from creating your very first samples all the way to how you can promote yourself as a freelance writer over social media.  This is the course that will pave the way for your new career.