Gaining Content Work in an Overloaded Workforce


With more and more people looking to make money in easier than a 9-5 type of job way, it is no wonder the content world is becoming increasingly saturated with writers. However, how good are these writers? How much do they charge? What value or services do they bring to the table?

Those That Have Been in Content Writing a Long Time

If you’re like me and have been in the content writing business a long time, then you know it is important to have some sort of specialty and credentials to back you up against the grueling workforce that has become our life.

With me, it is my marketing degree and specialized areas that bring the most attention.

Not everyone is able to provide these skills and I am sure other long-time writers have their own niches that they practice in.

These new writers do not have much going for them but a newly found freelance writing freedom and the ability to work for pennies. Should companies hire them to save a buck?

Whether or Not Companies Should Hire Newbies 

Being new to the freelance writing world is not a bad thing. It means you can get your feet wet, learn a bit and create a specialty all your own. By no means does this mean that you should give up or stop taking on jobs.

However, businesses that want custom-tailored, SEO rich, quality content should probably search for an expert in the industry. Those businesses that want to just throw up a website and create something just to have a presence there to show their clients, give the newbie a shot, why not?

Great content is what is going to drive traffic to your website. It is what is going to back you up when it comes to finding diversity in the niche that you work in. This can be something that newbies learn, but you might not have the time for them to take the time to learn on their own.

Welcome to all newbies in the freelance writing world and welcome to all businesses that want to work with experts and newbies alike in the field. With that being said, here is a guide to helping newbies get off to a great start in this content building industry.