How to Overcome Freelancer Isolation

As a freelancer, you understand how lonely life can be. There is no human contact throughout the day, except maybe a few deliveries during the week.

The life of a freelancer does have its advantages such as being able to work from the comforts of home and getting some alone time.

While working from home can be beneficial, it also comes with some hazards such as depression, loneliness, and isolation. How can we overcome these feelings we face as a freelancer?

1. Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces provide the best of two worlds. It provides an environment of work without being tied to someone else’s meetings and schedule. These spaces are designed for productivity and typically offers a limitless supply of caffeinated beverages.

2. Networking

Networking provides countless benefits with ones of them helping with isolation. There are a whole host of ways to network. One way is to network locally through tech groups, meetings, your chamber of commerce, Business Networking International, as well as other freelancer groups. A great place to meet other WordPress professional would be by joining a WordPress Meetup.

3. Get a Pet

Many animal-lovers long to own a pet but are unable to because of their restrictions working 9 to 5. Animals can be wonderful companions and can be helpful in fighting loneliness with their constant presence.

Furthermore, when it comes to battling depression, cats and dogs have a therapeutic contribution. With a cat or dog around, you are sure to feel more secure and loved.

4. Build Your Community

To fight isolation, you may need to build your professional and personal community. Building and connecting with a community is not often a natural task but will take initiative. Your bouts of isolation can be helped by regularly connecting to your community.

5. Engage in a Hobby

As a freelancer, you are likely in control of your schedule. This means you can manipulate your work hours to give you time for your hobby. What was that one thing you always wanted to do but seemed to never have time for when you were younger? Did you enjoy writing or painting maybe? Regardless of what it is, utilize the free time to nurture your hobby again.

Save an hour every day to do what you have always wanted to do. By doing so it helps to engage your mind elsewhere, therefore, you will feel less isolated.

6. Enroll in a Course

Many individuals wish to pursue further education but are unable to due to their employment commitments. If you have time, take up a course. There are numerous colleges that offer distant learning programs.

7. Disconnect and Connect

Overworking can lead to both isolations and burn out. Another ideal way to overcome isolation is to disconnect from technology and your work and connect with those you love.

There are numerous ways to help overcome isolation as a freelancer. To help decrease isolation, be sure to become part of a community.