Internet Safety for Kids: The Top Tips for Parents

With the recent scare of the ‘Momo’ challenge and spliced YouTube videos, it is no wonder so many parents are wondering how they can help with internet safety for kids.

I have kids and I know that it is hard to keep them away from YouTube. It is almost like their need to breathe. However, there are some things you can do to keep them safe. While, my older ones that are in middle and high school are like, “listening to random people is just as smart as eating Tide pods” it is still good to talk to younger ones. They might not even realize what they are doing or that it is not a positive thing.

Here are some of the top tips that you can use in regards to internet safety for kids, especially those littles that might not know any better!

Teach Them Internet Safety!

If they’re old enough to learn what they can and cannot do on the internet, then teach them about the dangers of the internet. There are many things lurking behind each of those web pages that many kids do not know about. Let them know they should never give out any personal information about them, where they live or go to school or those close to them. They never know who they are truly talking to.

This is always the first step to internet safety for kids.

Limit Their Time

By limiting their time on the electronics, you’re essentially limiting the amount of exposure that they have to these things. If they are especially young, electronics are not something they absolutely need, unlike older kids that use electronics for school work.

Give an ideal time, such as an hour or two during the day for some down time and the rest of the time they can be creative, read books, play with toys or go outside. This helps keep a healthy balance.

Watch What They are Doing

You want to have an idea of what they are doing while they are online. You want to know where they go and what they watch. By being able to see where they go and what they do, you have a better idea of whether or not they may be exposed to these things.

YouTube says that they have not found any videos offering any of the claims as of yet, but they are doing their best to make sure that any videos that are flagged are looked into as soon as possible.

Parental Control Software

If you really want to go all out and provide the most protection, there are apps that can be installed on various electronic devices that kids use. PC Mag talks about some of the best and what they do, so you can make a more informed choice on which you may want to use for your children.

Scholastic also gives many other awesome tips for keeping kids safe while on the internet, such as brushing up on your own internet knowledge. When you are aware of what might happen or could happen, or what is out there, you have a better idea of what to protect them from.

Aside from the obvious of monitoring your children’s tablets and what they watch, these tips can help. Not everyone has time to skip through every single video your child watches.

Taking precautions and being aware of what is out there, especially with the growing internet around us can help keep everyone safe. Internet safety for kids is a serious topic and one we should all be discussing and sharing tips and tricks with other parents about. Your personal life might be hectic, but keeping your kids safe should be a priority.