What Does it Mean to Be a Great Employee?



By: Ryan Goossen

Guest Author

You own a small business that is picking up at an amazing rate. You need to quickly hire help that is perfect for the job. This person needs to be fit for your growing business. A smart, responsible and dependable person who can start right away and catch up to what you need by tomorrow. A great employee is what you’re looking for.

When we think about what the perfect employee we have to put ourselves in the store owner’s shoes. What makes a perfect employee is simply understood by putting yourself in the power seat. Pretend if you will, what type of person would you want? Key qualities that are needed, not just wanted. There are several key points we need to look at that can explain the basic needs that every employer is looking for.

Dependability in a Great Employee

By far this a key that ALL employers are looking for. No employer cares if you are a rocket scientist if they can’t depend on you to at least do the job they are asking. If you want to make a good impression explain how dependable you are and the responsibilities you have taken on in previous jobs. Show them you are a person who can get things done without having them worry about having to keep a close eye on you.

Show up

Attendance is something employers want to know. How often they have to worry about you calling in because you have the sniffles can cause some scheduling problems for them. In some job cases, the employer will explain to you if you even feel a slight cold stay home so you don’t spread it but these type of jobs are few and far between. An employer wants to think that if your car doesn’t start you are going to jog to work. It may be a bit far-fetched to think but they want to know that you are going to do all you can to show up to the job.

Hard Worker

Similar to dependability, employers realize not every job that you will be given will be luxurious and enjoyable. Some work is just downright monotonous and boring. Your employer understands this but this is your job that they are paying you to do. They want to know that if it is fixing a car or scrubbing a toilet that you are giving it your all and to the best of your ability.


We all want people to be honest with us, more so our employers expect the same, if not more. The easiest way to ruin a job or career is by lying to your employer. Along with this, if you fail to be honest with your employer it can follow you to the next job that you will soon be looking for if you fail to be honest with your current one.


Your employer wants to have a successful person. This is very important in sales positions. They want you to have all these types of characteristics but most importantly they want you to be successful for them. Employers have a bit of understanding but all employers demand you to catch on and be successful for their business otherwise they need to find someone else who is.

Would you say you’re a great employee? Do you have what it takes?