Placenta Encapsulation: Small Business Spotlight

If you haven’t seen the video that I did yet, then stop over to my Facebook page and check out the video HERE. You can check out all that I said about this awesome lady and the wonderful work that she does with placenta encapsulation!

If you were ever curious about placenta encapsulation and what comes along with it or if you wanted to know who to call to ask for more information, then here is a bunch of information for you!

Being able to help others and provide the best possible cure towards postpartum depression is something she is hoping to do. Passing out her services and speaking with mothers and mothers-to-be about this service is what she is passionate about. A herbalist and encapsulator extraordinaire, you can find that she provides you with many services that help heal.

Placenta Encapsulation Benefits 

Everyone wants to know the benefits that come with this. They want to know if it is worth it. They want to know if it is even healthy to do and if there is really any point to it. Here are some of the benefits you may experience with placenta encapsulation.

  • Replaces lost iron and nutrients
  • Can help relieve fatigue
  • Helps relieve anxiety
  • Can help with postpartum depression symptoms
  • Helps to aid milk flow in breastfeeding mothers
  • Improves your mood

The pills are easy to take and they do not look like your placenta. The placenta is dried and then placed into the veg-tabs for the mother to ingest.

Those mothers that are interested in doing something like this can speak with Sarah more regarding the questions or concerns they have. Almost everyone is able to do this and the price is so affordable, with the benefits being tremendous, that so many more women should consider it. Her contact information is below, as well as on the video I’ve posted to Facebook.

Contact Information:

Sarah Skinner
FB –
Text/Call – 607-293-2020

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