Top Marketing Changes to Expect This Year

Changes are always expected throughout the year whether they are in the marketing niche, sales force, technology department or anywhere else that you turn. Due to this, it is important for those busy professionals (especially those in marketing and sales) to stay on top of the changes in the industry. These changes are going to make a difference when trying to sell to those around you.

Your audience is constantly changing. Not only is the world we live in constantly on the move, but those in the world that you sell too, that you speak with, that you need to convince all have different views that change.

Your company changes.

Regardless of what you think about change, it happens. It happens more than we even realize.

Learning is essential to any professional because they need to stay on top of this change. You wouldn’t want a doctor that couldn’t keep up on the sanitation changes that were updated, so why would your audience, your client base, your customers want to work with a company that doesn’t adapt, revolve and change themselves to fit the needs of those that they work with?

To provide the best for your audience, you have to change with them

Just like a caterpillar changes to a butterfly, you have to change into something that is needed or wanted.

These top changes are currently taking place in the marketing world and you can be on top of the change.

People are shying away from traditional ads

No one could have expected traditional ads to go out of style, but it is true. More and more people are putting their trust in people that they know or that can show value to them personally, not those that have ads that do well. Close to 30% of all people that use the internet are using ad blockers. That means you’re not even being seen!

Social media will continue to grow

If you’re not into the whole social media scene and you’re a marketer, then you might want to think about changing that. You cannot be a game changer in this world if you don’t have the right connections, the right friends, the right profile. Social media is one of the biggest and best ways to market any company, big or small because everyone uses them. Millions upon millions of users sign up every year for social media websites, even older generations are starting to use them. It is expected that by 2020, almost everyone is going to have a profile. That means you want to have a way to reach them.

Be a game changer in the market

While you might think that one thing works better than another because everyone is doing it. This isn’t the case. The more creative you are, the more you think out of the box and do things differently from everyone else, the more you’re going to be recognized for it. Use being a marketer to do something different, something bold, something creative. You’ll really be a game changer and get noticed that way.

Video is the new thing

Pictures, videos and everything visual is the new way to send your message. Usually, this attracts attention when before words would do the same thing. However, it has been shown that videos account for over 80% of internet traffic today. This means that if you have video, you’re more likely to be noticed, to be looked into and of course, to be used. Video is the new wave of the future and soon, it might just be the only way. YouTube and Instagram are hitting the ground running with video, but there are many other outlets that can be used, as well.

It is vital that you know how your clients and customers communicate

You don’t want to disappoint, that’s not why you’re here. However, it is important to note how your customers and clients communicate. If they work with you, they will expect you to provide them with a form of communication that they feel the most comfortable with – via, email, phone, instant messaging, whatever. You can conference the day away with them if that is what makes them comfortable. They want one-on-one time and they want it in a way they feel comfortable communicating. This means that more and more marketers have to be flexible and open.

Learn more about the changes that are expected this year to stay on top of the trends. Be the business that is always one step ahead of those that are relying on you to deliver. If you can do this, your business is sure to make it to the top. If it is something that is going to help you, then why not do it?

Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it can be a good one – for everyone involved. 2019 is set to be the change that the marketing and small business world needs.