Top Tips for Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a large part of attracting attention to the right audience and consumer engagement. What this means is that many more companies are doing it, and it is getting more difficult to stand out amid the sea of images, documents, audio, blogs, and much more.

But also, almost every business owner and marketer have found themselves in a rut attempting to create enough content, find interesting ways to innovate and get the desired engagement.

There is a difference between B2C and B2B marketing and both come with their own unique challenges. Even so, you can still benefit from these top tips and churn out something exciting.

Here are some top tips for content marketing you need to know to be successful in this industry:

1. Guide your customers through your buying cycle with your content. Do not treat it like a full-throttle, speedboat.  

2. As often as possible, promote your content through a .com domain. In fact, 84 percent of top-ranking pages utilize the .com as their top-level domain.

Never write short posts as a way to “just get the job over with”. To help improve your search rank, value to the reader, and traffic write long-form content of 1000 plus words.

3. It is important to guest post on popular industry websites. Also, be sure to put a backlink back to your website within your bio or byline. By doing so, this builds personal brand authority and increases traffic.

4. Blog consistently, not sporadically. According to a survey with Hubspot, 82 percent of marketers acquired at least one customer when they blogged daily. This is compared to 57 percent when they blogged only monthly.

Don’t Forget These Other Content Marketing Tips!

5. Before you begin producing or planning content, create a buyer persona. This gives you a better understanding of who it is reading your content and what answers they are searching for.

6. Go with optimized, short and simple titles to get the point across rather than a verbose headline. Your audience will become wary of the more click-bait looking you get.

7. To drive referral back to your site and to reach a new audience, it is a must to syndicate your content.

8. For building your audience, you must always have a plan. Content marketing tools such as can be used to save time by working with you to help your following grow.

If you are looking for even more tips for engaging your audience and getting the word of your business out there, speak with me today. You can easily contact me through my webform!