5 Ingredients That Make Web Content Great

img: pexels.com

Making web content great consists of a few different ingredients thrown together and then artistically touched up. We all want to have a quick way to get the most out of the posts that we put up, don’t we?

When you’re throwing together your next great masterpiece, keep these five things in mind. Once you do, you know you have a pretty kick-ass article that you can throw out there for the masses to see. That seems to be the goal of everyone posting something, doesn’t it?

#1 Be Interesting! 

You want to share some insight, we get it but we don’t want to be bored to death (kind of how you’re feeling right now, isn’t it?). When you’re sharing information or you’re speaking to an audience, it is important to be as interesting as you can possibly be. It is going to make a huge difference.

#2 Write for Lazy People

Let’s face it, no one has time to read a 2,000-word thesis article on your favorite stuffed animal. It is just not going to happen. Remember #1, as mentioned above… your stuffed animal is not all that interesting. You want to make your content easy to digest in a scannable format that is pleasing to the eyes.

#3 Know Your Readers!

We have to put this in here because so many people out there actually do not know who their readers are. Are they business people? Are they writers like you? Do they have families, needs, wants and desires? You have to know as much as you can about them so that you can appeal to them. Give them something they actually want when they show up for a good read.

#4 Create Original Web Content

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not go alone and steal someone else’s writing. You just shouldn’t, so don’t. You want to come up with something original, unique and completely you. This is why your audience shows up more than likely, so make sure to keep injecting your personality into it each time you write.

They’ll love you more for it.

#5 Proofread then Proofread Again

You want to make sure that you’re handing out something pretty good. It should capture your own style and voice well and it should have less than the normal amount of typos in it. Using a Word processing program or even a grammar checker can help tremendously because it will catch these things before you even do!

Make more out of the content that you put up. The more you stick with these ingredients (or rules, but I wanted to be fancy) the more you’re going to benefit in the end. You want content that is readable, easily digestible and interested. Check, check and check – we got you covered!

Plus, once you got that web content down to a science, you can make sure that your website design is just as great!