The Trends in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is booming as we see more businesses turning to a large audience on various social media platforms. Social media is crucial to marketing. Most consumers now turn to the many channels to locate brands they can trust, looking for truthful testimonials, customer service stories and much more. Today’s marketer understands this importance.

The social media landscape is fast-changing which is why it’s important to stay up on the latest trends to ensure a successful marketing strategy.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories consistently gains in popularity. The social platform increases engagement by way of paid and organic methods. Tech Crunch has reported that as of June 2018, the social media giant now has more than 1 billion users. In fact, more than 400 million users utilize Instagram Stories daily, more than twice that as Snapchat.

Social Media Marketing Through LinkedIn

Marketers are just beginning to take advantage of LinkedIn as both a publishing and content platform. Those marketers who do take advantage will get their brand’s message viewed by a discriminating audience craving high-quality content, opportunities and advice to engage.


Automated messaging and bots have already appeared in many brands’ customer service. For customers to reach a brand, social media has made it simpler, meaning response time expectation are increasing.

Facebook Messenger has increased the popularity of chatbots when brands realized how simple it was to add an additional support service for their customers. While some customers were not thoroughly convinced this was the ideal way to reach a brand, thanks to programming and enhanced intelligence, the adoption rate is significantly improving.

Sales Enablement Through Social Media

In the phase of product discovery, social media is already helping the consumer. Brands have the ability to promote their products through social networks and consumers are discovering them prior to making a purchase.

In the past, social media was all about awareness and engagement. That’s no longer the case, as it’s moving more towards sales enablement.

Mary Meeker stated in their report of Internet Trends in 2018, 55 percent of those who responded, proceeded to purchase a product later after discovering it through social media. The first social media channel that people discover new products tends to be Facebook, followed up by Instagram and Pinterest.

This trend provides brands with an excellent opportunity to improve their social media marketing strategy. A sales pitch is not always needed in your messaging to encourage people to trust you. Make sure you know what social media tips you should be using in your marketing plan.